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RollingRack™ | Roll-up Drainer Rack


The ultimate space-saving dish drainer!

Do you feel like your kitchen is cluttered with a big, bulky dish rack taking up valuable counter space? Well, those days are over with RollingRack™! Our foldable stainless steel drainer is the perfect solution for your kitchen storage needs.

This roll-up drainer fits over your sink, making it the perfect place to drain fruits and vegetables after washing. Not only does it keep your counter dry and tidy, but it also provides extra countertop space.

✅ Provides extra countertop space.
✅ Durable and solid stainless steel construction.
✅ Resistant to rust and heat up to 450℉.
✅ Anti-slip rubber grips for added stability.

RollingRack™ isn't just a dish drainer, it's a multi-purpose miracle worker! In addition to draining and air-drying your dishes, this roll-up rack can also resist heat up to 450℉, making it the perfect pot stand for cooking.

We've made RollingRack™ tough and durable with solid, sturdy stainless steel. You can use it every day without worrying about rust, and the anti-slip rubber grips on both ends keep it securely in place.

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