About us


The founder of THE MAINE DÉCOR  Jermaine Jeffcoat is driven by the times and needs of convenience to provide low cost and efficient methods to deliver the best home décor products to consumers. THE MAINE DÉCOR  is a standard world-class online retail store company with a forward-thinking strategy established to deliver exceptional products and excellent recognition services. Our focus is to provide quality home décor to our customers with an emphasis on affordability. All our products are specifically designed to meet customers requirements and needs. We are legally established to compete favorably with the same industry competitors. We understand the need to be flexible and responsive to satisfy customers by offering them what they want ,when they want it and before the competition can deliver it. Strongly believing that customer service should be proactive, informative, and intent-driven. Committed to building our business on professionalism, courtesy, consistency, reliability, and demonstrating dedication while building continued relationships with customers. We will be committed to growing our business by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships, emphasizing providing high levels of customer satisfaction. Ensuring that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customer's needs precisely and completely whenever they order our products.