3D Wall Clock Luminous Frameless DIY Digital Wall


A 3D wall clock luminous frameless DIY digital wall clock is a unique type of clock that creates a 3D visual effect on the wall where it is mounted. It is frameless, meaning that it does not have a traditional clock frame, and it can be assembled and installed by the user. The clock can be customized in terms of size and design by rearranging the numbers and clock hands.

The clock face is typically made of acrylic or plastic material and has a luminous effect, which means that it glows in the dark. The clock hands are also made of the same material and are designed to match the clock face. The clock is powered by a battery, and some models may also come with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the clock face based on the ambient light in the room.

The DIY aspect of the clock allows for creativity and customization, as users can arrange the numbers and clock hands in different ways to create unique designs. The clock can be used in any room of the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. It is often used as a decorative piece, as well as a functional clock.

EASY TO INSTALL: The wall décor clock comes with self-adhesive numbers and an auxiliary scale ruler, also there is an installation video for your reference. So one can easily install and enjoy the DIY fun of making your own unique house decorations for the living room.

MODERN DESIGN: This large wall clock is not only for telling time, but also an excellent solution for a blank wall, which is perfect as the wall decoration for the living room.

ADJUSTABLE SIZE: With the frameless design, you can easily extend or reduce the diameter of the big wall clock to fit different sizes of walls.

CLEAR TO READ: With the 3D large numbers, the big wall clock is easy to read. The minimalist frameless shape makes the decorative clock a timeless appearance.

PERFECT GIFT: decorative wall clock is a great idea for decorating restaurants, offices, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, and fireplace décor. Equipped with exquisite packaging, the oversized wall clock is a wonderful holiday gift, a housewarming gift for family and friends.

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